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Psychological Evaluations for Immigration

I offer psychological evaluations for immigration. These can help to determine if individuals are able to lawfully remain in the United States. Immigration evaluations are provided online in Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What is a psychological evaluation for immigration?

A psychological evaluation for immigration, is a detailed clinical assessment which is used to support immigration proceedings.

You might need an evaluation if you are involved in an immigration case and your lawyer has recommended you get an evaluation to help with your case. The goal of this is to give a better idea of your background and circumstances, to individuals who are making a decision about your immigration case. 

A comprehensive psychological evaluation when completed by a licensed mental health professional can reveal a lot of important information about your immigration struggles and mental health. This can then help move your case forward. 

The way you tell your story can greatly impact the outcome of your immigration case.

What can you expect from a typical evaluation?

I will initially conduct a clinical interview with you to gather information. During the interview, I will ask questions about your background history, immigration case and mental health. This interview will be done over 2-4 sessions, with each session being 1-1.5-2 hours long. 

When needed, I will collaborate with your attorney or those familiar with the case (i.e. family members, doctors) to gain knowledge about you and the case. I will also be administering clinical assessment tools during the evaluation (i.e. those assessing your mental health). 

What are the fees and policies for these evaluations?

  • The base fee for evaluations is $1000
  • 1-1.5 hours per session, over 2-4 sessions based on needs of the evaluation
  • Personalized detailed online interview
  • Comprehensive evaluation report with your history, diagnosis, assessment results and recommendations
  • Mental health resources and referrals will be given when needed
  • The evaluation interviews can be completed in Hindi and Urdu if needed. If you need to complete your interview in any other language, you will need to provide an interpreter
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or do not show up for your session, you will be charged a $170 fee

Where are these evaluations provided?

  • These evaluations can be completed online anywhere in Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • You will need to be physically located in these states to be evaluated by me
  • To learn more about working online with me click here

Each evaluation is detailed and personalized to YOUR specific needs for the case

In what types of cases are immigration evaluations completed?

  1. Extreme Hardship Cases
  2. Spousal Abuse (VAWA) Cases
  3. Political Asylum Cases
  4. U Visa Cases
  5. T Visa Cases
  6. Cancellation of Removal Cases

What other information is there to know?

  • The typical time frame for completing an evaluation and report is 2-3 weeks, based on the needs of your case. The evaluation can be expedited for an additional fee.
  • Your evaluation report will be 10-20 pages in length, and include important details relevant to your case
  • The interview will be completed via a secure HIPAA compliant online platform.
  • I can provide evaluations anywhere in Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Being an immigrant myself, I am very aware of the immigrant experience and can provide a personalized approach.
  • I have been providing mental health evaluations since the last 9 years.

If you are interested in having an immigration evaluation completed, or have any other questions, I would be happy to talk to you.