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Say goodbye to fear and second thoughts.  

Culturally Sensitive Counseling for Asian American Women in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio

"I don't think I can do this anymore."

You feel that you are just “not good enough”.

You constantly find yourself saying “I am too hard on myself”. It is difficult for you to accept compliments. You feel like you’re failing at your role, and your confidence is tanking. Like you just can’t pull it together.

You worry all the time.

Making decisions is not easy, and you “think about things way too much”. You second guess yourself. Despite giving it your all, you feel out of control and are always “spiraling”.

You have faced a traumatic past but feel like you must “keep going”.

Negative experiences in the past keep you “stuck”, but there is no time or space to process this. Nightmares, memories or images from the past haunt you on a daily basis. 

You find it difficult to deal with your relationships, family or culture. 

You face unachievable expectations, You have been told that, “others have it worse than you”, and you should be “grateful”. Saying the word “no” feels impossible and you don’t want to hurt your loved ones. This is causing resentment, guilt and shame. 

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to meet your goals.

It is OKAY to choose yourself and ask for help. I can help you:

  1. Build self compassion and validate yourself
  2. Navigate cultural and societal pressures
  3. Change your anxiety and self doubt thoughts 
  4. Free you from past trauma
  5. Stay present for yourself and your loved ones
  6. Build the necessary tools to cope with negative emotions
  7. Have balanced relationships
  8. Find happiness and content by being true to yourself
Tanvi Gupta

Tanvi Gupta, Licensed Professional Counselor

Hey, I am Tanvi.

I help high achieving Asian American women create space for themselves, manage anxiety, and heal from past trauma.

I can help you manage your emotions and thoughts in a way that makes your life simpler. I will keep you accountable but also let you set your own pace.  Say NO to the self-doubt, fear and traumatic past that has been getting in the way of the life you want so much.  

I Specialize In...

Self Esteem Counseling

Create a sense of self compassion and get rid of self doubt

Trauma Counseling

Free yourself from past trauma and live in your present


Anxiety Counseling

Manage anxiety in your mind and body


Counseling for Asian American Women

Receive the culturally sensitive care that you clearly deserve

You CAN make space for yourself, and feel confident in your decisions. Contact me today and let’s get to work!

Set up a free, no obligation 15 minute consultation with me. We can talk about your goals and see if I might be the right counselor for you. You can also ask me any questions you might have.