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Self Esteem Counseling

Poor self esteem gets in the way of nearly every task, project, and relationship.

With unrealistic expectations from social media, society, or culture, it is easy to lose track of our true selves. 

This culture leads to many of us feeling like we are not good enough, less confident, self-conscious, envious of others and hard on ourselves. We find it tiring to be “perfect” all the time.

We may also struggle with the infamous “Imposter Syndrome” which makes it hard for us to feel confident in ourselves as mothers/partners/co-workers etc. We may question our every move and think people are talking about us, or evaluating us constantly. 

“If I am not good to myself, how can I expect others to be good to me?”- Maya Angelou

Caught in this pattern of overthinking, we find ourselves being “people-pleasers”, and looking for validation outside ourselves. It may be difficult to say the word “no” or set appropriate boundaries with others. 

Being stuck in this cycle can create a sense of resentment or anger towards others. These feelings often get in the way of relationships and can cause stress for us.

“Falling in love with ourselves is the best kind of love story.”- Tanvi Gupta

Self Esteem Counseling and therapy

Reclaiming our self-compassion and confidence, first involves believing in ourselves. Once we are able to  nurture and be kind to ourselves, we find easier to love others. We ALSO find it easier to ask others to be respectful to our needs. 

Together we can learn tools to be kinder and non-judgmental to ourself. It takes some time to be completely nonjudgmental, but doing a little bit each day can make a HUGE difference.

Together we can help you get your confidence back

  1. Recognize the thoughts and emotions linked to low self esteem
  2. Challenge and change negative self-talk
  3. Target self-critical thinking patterns
    (i.e. “black or white” thinking, jumping to conclusions, tunnel vision)
  4. Learn to be mindful and aware
  5. Reclaim and build self-compassion
  6. Use a non-judgmental stance towards yourself and others
  7. Maintain healthy boundaries
  8. Become more assertive if/when needed
  9. Set achievable and realistic goals 
  10. Practice positive self-affirmations to improve your vision of yourself

You CAN totally be the partner/daughter/mother you want to be. Lets get started!