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Individual Counseling for Family and Relationships

Have you ever had these thoughts?

Relationships are NOT easy!

Especially when it comes to your significant other or close family members. 

It may feel impossible to express yourself in a way in which you do not hurt or lose your loved ones. Being burdened by feelings of sadness and anger may cause resentment, guilt or shame.

You may be feeling confused or unsure about your decisions in your relationship, or daily arguments may be making it impossible to focus on work and responsibilities.

You have the power to change your relationships.

Setting healthier boundaries and having a fulfilling relationship with your family and/or partner is possible. Developing better communication and understanding with your loved ones is obtainable. Regaining trust and security is achievable. 

By having more awareness about yourself and working on your own individual challenges, you can see vast improvements in your relationships.

Whether you are facing challenges with your parent, partner, sibling, or in law, you CAN develop the necessary tools to change your relationship for the better.

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Is individual counseling really going to help me if my partner or loved seems to be the actual problem?

Yes! Individual counseling can help with giving support during difficult times in the relationship. Many people also realize that by changing their own thoughts and behaviors (i.e. by changing communication patterns), they are able to improve their interactions with their loved ones. 

Being mindful of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, can greatly help in identifying factors that may be interfering in your relationship. It can help you change your individual role in the relationship. Changes in one individual can make a big impact on the whole relationship. For this reason, individual counseling can also be used as a supplement to family, couples or marriage counseling.

Lastly, individual counseling can help when your partner/family member is not willing/unable to participate in counseling with you.  Contact me here to discuss your needs and see if individual counseling might be helpful with your family/relationship challenges.

Can my partner or loved one attend counseling with me?

Yes, this can be done based on your own personal goals in counseling. Although most people like to use their individual counseling as a private and safe space for themselves, many find it helpful for their loved ones to occasionally be a part of the process. 

We can prepare a plan for you ahead of time in terms of what you want like to cover in these sessions. We can also talk about ways to make your loved one feel safe and welcome in the counseling space.

What are some relationship issues that can be addressed?

  • Navigating changes in relationships (i.e. loss of a relationship, transitioning to parenthood)
  • Managing feelings of insecurity and lack of trust (i.e. due to infidelity)
  • Dealing with family conflict, pressure or expectations.
  • Navigating challenges related to intercultural and interracial relationships (i.e. lack of acceptance by culture/society/family, differing belief system/culture or background of the partners)
  • Coping with emotions of guilt and shame
  • Ways to maintain healthy boundaries with loved ones
Relationship counseling

Together we can help you build congruence with your loved ones. Let’s connect!