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Counseling for Asian American Women

As an Asian American woman, your life may seem different from others.

Difficulty reaching out for help

Asking for help may not seem first nature or the easiest thing to do. You might have been told “others have it worse than you”.

Unrealistic expectations and pressure from family and culture

You might not want to disappoint your parents, but also desperately want to do what is right for you.

You might feel pressure to always look or act in a certain way. Like you have to constantly wear “multiple hats” or play multiple roles for your family.

Fear, shame, and inappropriate guilt

Family members or parents may have made you feel excessively guilty or engaged in emotional blackmailing.

Loneliness and isolation

You might be feeling confused about where you fit in your society/culture, and a general lack of belonging.

You might be feeling like you are treated differently from those around you. You might be homesick or missing your loved ones. 

Asian American women

These factors can lead to anxiety, fear, sadness, trauma, and helplessness. They can have a significant negative impact on our mental health. The pressure is immense, very real and often overlooked.

You CAN maintain loving relationships while also taking care of your own needs. 

Together we can help you:

  1. Cope with family expectations and pressure
  2. Create healthier coping skills to manage shame and guilt
  3. Balance your own needs with your family’s needs
  4. Cope with the needs of multiple cultures 
  5. Develop healthy and clear boundaries
  6. Find resources to gain culturally affirming support
  7. Explore and find comfort in your own identity
  8. Address the stigma related to mental health and counseling

Many of us have grown up in a culture where seeking help for mental health is seen as taboo.

The expectation to remain silent in the face of hardships is very common amongst Asian American women. This means that reaching out for help is discouraged, stigmatized, seen as being a weakness, or even being “ungrateful” in certain cultures. According to research studies, immigrants are less likely to seek mental health treatment compared to non-immigrant individuals.

It takes courage to seek help for your mental health. If you are reading this page and seeking help as an immigrant woman, I applaud you for your courage and strength! If you feel like you are on the fence about getting help, I would love to set up a time to talk to you more about this.

immigrant woman

Gaining help with your mental health is one of the first steps to caring for yourself and finding validation within yourself.

You deserve to feel happy, content and in control of your life. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It is time to put yourself first and make space for yourself.

 You are not alone in your struggles anymore.

Lets help you make a change and take control of your life.